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Digital Fuel Capital

Manufacturing Engineering Lead

Ledge Lounger

Ledge Lounger

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024
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Job Overview:

The Manufacturing Engineering Lead will provide technical leadership to the Design-To-Manufacturing (D2M) & Manufacturing Engineering Group to support Ledge Lounger's Manufacturing, Production, and Product Design for its outdoor and in-pool furniture.

Key Responsibilities:

Provide technical oversight and leadership to others on the team of innovative drafters, modelers, programmers, and support specialists responsible for ensuring manufacturability of Ledge Lounger Products. Facilitate modeling and prototyping of techniques or technologies to drive performance across manufacturing and validating achievable, high quality, robust products. Work with Ledge Lounger Manufacturing, Production and Product Design to ensure appropriate priorities are identified in relation to cost, importance, and difficulty. Identify, establish, and deploy the latest and most innovative Design-for-Manufacturing and Design-for-Assembly methodologies that help facilitate continuous improvement initiatives. Lead Design or Manufacturing Changes related to Fit, Form or Function. Develop new concepts, tooling, and technologies used in machining and assembly for manufacturing scale and continuous improvement. Lead 1st or 2nd article generation in order to deliver prototypes in support of post concept demonstrations from Product Design. Support Visual / Artwork Enhancements to existing designs.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or a closely related field.
  • Two (2) years of experience as an Engineer creating and interpreting technical and/or mechanical documents and drawings utilizing knowledge of CAD software (SolidWorks and/or PTC), machining and manufacturing principles and high-volume manufacturing processes; two (2) years of experience translating technical documents and drawings to machine-able program files utilizing CAM software and hands-on CNC experience.

*Please list requisition #2458390 on resume and cover letter.